Epson StoryTeller 8x10 (10 pages)


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  1. Can I change the appearance of the text? [ Answer
  2. Can I change the size or type of the font in the StoryTeller Photo Book software? [ Answer
  3. I can't remove an image from a page. What should I do? [ Answer
  4. What paper size should I select to print the cover? [ Answer
  5. Why doesn’t my text fit in the title or caption? [ Answer
  6. Why isn’t there a title in the colored title box? [ Answer
  7. Can I reduce a photo’s size in StoryTeller? [ Answer
  8. Can I reposition an image on a page? [ Answer
  9. I no longer see folders in the Select Pictures tab. What should I do to see them again? [ Answer
  10. Is there a StoryTeller version for the Mac? [ Answer

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