Inkjet Printer Technologies

Epson inkjet printers are ideal for home, school, photographic and other printing needs as they offer a very affordable way to print documents, as well as high quality photos and colour prints. When used together, Epson printers, ink and paper deliver unbeatable results — so read on as to why your next printer should be an Epson.

Users of Epson professional imaging products can click here to find more detailed information about inks and cartridges for their particular professional imaging printer.

Permanent Print Heads Deliver Precise Ink Droplets for Unrivalled Output

Epson builds a high quality, permanent print head into every Epson Stylus printer. Epson permanent print heads are robust, unlike temporary, throw-away print heads. Epson print heads, deliver precise, variable-size droplets, which ensure fantastic, photo quality output. Read more about Epson's unique print head technology.

Epson Cartridges Use Smart Technology and Individual Ink Tanks

Epson cartridges look pretty simple, but a lot of smart technology goes into them. Epson SmartValve technology, which supports the use of a variety of ink formulations, ensures the highest levels of print quality. And, Epson inkjet printers use individual ink cartridges, making it easier to get the best value when printing. With individual ink tanks for each colour, rather than a combined colour cartridge, you have greater control over ink usage. Replace only the colour that you need! Read more about Epson cartridges.

Quality Inks Ensure Brilliant Prints

Using Epson ink and paper, Epson inkjet printers consistently deliver outstanding print quality. Epson inks are the highest quality inks you can put in an Epson printer. Years of research and development have gone into our ink formulations. The results are inks designed specifically to work with your Epson printer and media to deliver stable, long-lasting, photographic quality — quality that cannot be matched by any third-party ink. Read more about Epson inks or Epson papers.